Revit railing enhancements with Dynamo

Lately I’ve been working on some Revit railing enhancements. This is still work in progress, but some of the Dynamo nodes are already available online in my updated (rev.2017.8.17) package. Below you can see available railing Dynamo nodes (please note that currently all of these nodes support only one railing instance at a time):



Currently there’s no direct link between the railing element and its hosted balusters through the Revit API. So in order to get the baluster profile data, we have to explode railing geometry and extract surfaces. Output values are diameters / widths of baluster elements.



This node calculates the number of railing balusters. See this post that explains the logic: Count railing balusters in Revit with Dynamo



Check if the railing element is hosted, and get this host element as an output (if applicable).



Get the list of lines that form the railing path.



Get top rail element (instance) from the input railing instance.



Input railing instance to get its type, primary handrail type, secondary handrail type, and top rail type. The node returns null values if selected railing type doesn’t contain handrails.

Download an updated package (rev. 2017.08.17) from:

6 thoughts on “Revit railing enhancements with Dynamo

    1. Hello Francisco! Thanks for your comment! Starting with Revit 2017 it is possible to set railing path through the API. I’ll look into adding this node to my package.


  1. Is there a way to view the z coordinates of the railing? In the Railing.GetPath node, all of my z coordinates are just showing as 0. I am assuming this is reporting just based off the sketched foot print.


    1. Hello RS,

      You are right, Railing.GetPath output is the railing sketch, and this is the way how Revit “sees” its a railing element in the model. I think that the only possible way to get the correct Z values is through the railing geometry. Do you need to get a 3D model line showing the path of your railing? Or maybe just the Z values of railing balusters?


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