Sometimes it could be frustrating to navigate in Navisworks section views when you look at the cut elements without contour lines. The edges of elements can’t be easily distinguished, so that your view becomes messy:

Section Lines off

Since Navisworks 2018 we can change the way Navisworks renders cut elements in sections. This option is called Sectioning and lies inside the Interface menu in Navisworks options:

Interface sectioning options

Open Navisworks options > expand Interface menu > select Sectioning

From there you can enable / disable contour lines and switch their color. This is how the same model looks like after changing the options:

Section Lines on Even while Navisworks does not ‘read’ elements as solids, they could be easily distinguished with contour lines.

Posted by:zhukoven

Acting as BIM Manager with structural engineering in the background, I am keen on cutting edge technology. I believe that sharing and open source phylosophy would drive our AEC industry forward.

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