If you are using Navisworks 2017 / 2018 on Windows 10 with UltraHD (4K) monitor, then you’ve probably seen this picture:

Navisworks QAT 4K not visible

Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is invisible, while the buttons are still in place (hover over them with mouse cursor, and you’ll see the tooltips).

The problem is caused by WPF hardware acceleration, which is enabled in Navisworks by default. Here are the steps to switch off WPF hardware acceleration and bring Quick Access Toolbar back:

  • Open Navisworks options > expand Interface menu > select Display
  • Switch off the WPF acceleration:

Navisworks WPF off

  • Click OK to accept changes
  • Accept the warning message and restart Navisworks:

Navisworks WPF off warning

  • After Navisworks restarts, you’ll see the QAT:

Navisworks QAT 4K is visible

Posted by:Konstantin Zhukoven

A highly motivated and passionate BIM expert dedicated to staying on the pulse of technology.

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