Navisworks 2018.2.1 update is now available

Navisworks 2018.2.1 update (available via the Autodesk Desktop App) comes with the following list of bug fixes and improvements:

Enhancements LMV users will now see a clear error message when the Navisworks extractor fails • In Recap, a viewpoint is saved at the origin of each scan • Navisworks now supports the ability to outline cross-sections

Fixes IFC Loader • Imported IFC files now include classification data so that it can be used to create search sets • Model hierarchy is now preserved when using the Revit_IFC loader, to help find information more efficiently • Resolved an issue where Revit AddIns for IFC Loader cannot work if Navisworks 2018 is uninstalled, then reinstalled • Resolved an issue where Navisworks 2018 crashes when an IFC file with reinforced bars is imported

Redlines Resolved issues where: • Newly drawn redlines can remove previous redlines • Redlines with a thickness that is increased to >1 display as dotted lines

CERs Resolved issues where: • Navisworks 2018 crashes when an IFC file with reinforced bars is imported • Navisworks 2018 crashes when importing a dwg file • Navisworks 2017 crashes when a Civil dwg file is opened • Navisworks crashes and memory is corrupted when loading an NWD/NWF file that has been sorted • Navisworks crashes when an appended group of dwg files are opened • Navisworks Freedom crashes whilst accessing Application Manager

Rendering Resolved issues where: • Navisworks 2018 Render spotlight settings are locked • Measure tool does not display dashed lines to show XYZ distances

Other Resolved issues where: • Failure to log into Navisworks with BIM 360 licensing logs you out of all other Autodesk applications • Build task hierarchy does not work with Navisworks 2014 and 2015 sample files

Release notes - same for all of the Navisworks versions (Freedom, Simulate, and Manage).