Using Revit scope box to change intersecting elements parameters

Scope Boxes in Revit are very handy when dividing building into separate blocks. You can set these scope boxes in view properties, or even in view templates, and get cropped views in a matter of seconds. Yet there's another handy thing that could be used to boost your productivity: the "Name" parameter, which by the way is the single available parameter of the scope box. So how can we use it?

Say, we'd like to divide our Revit model into blocks, using some distinctive names: "Block A", "Block B", etc. Using the named scope boxes, we can set this name to all desired elements that intersect the scope box:


You need to select scope box, element categories that you'd like to check for intersection (using the custom node from SteamNodes package), and parameter name that would be used to set the 'Block name'. In my script I'm using builtin parameter "Comments" which is common to almost all element categories in Revit, but of course you can use your own shared parameter for this task.

Below you can see the script execution process:

[gallery ids="735,736,737" type="rectangular"]

As you can see, the name of the scope box has been populated to the elements inside the region.

Download the Dynamo graph here:


Requirements: Dynamo 1.2.1+, Revit 2016+, Julien Benoit's SteamNodes package